About Christian Thibault

An employment specialist with more than 28 years of experience with the Canadian Forces

Christian Thibault has been serving with the Canadian Forces for more than 28 years. Throughout his career, he has cumulated many courses and training such as:

  1. Infantry platoon second in command, Warrant Officer
  2. Sergeant, parachute operations
  3.  Reconaissance section Commander
  4. Instructor at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School
  5. Quarter-master of headquarters company 2R22eR
  6. Instructor at  Land Force Quebec Area Training Centre Headquarters

Christian is currently Operational Warrant Officer of the Canadian Grenadiers Guards.

A lot of training to better understand you

Ambitious nature Christian Thibault had the honor and pleasure to grow his skills through several trainings. Especially:

  1. Intermediate Leadership Program
  2. Infantry platoon second in command
  3. Intermediary qualification for leadership
  4. Canadian Paratrooper
  5. Canadian Armed Forces Pathfinder
  6. United States Army Ranger
  7. Harassment counsellor
  8. Parachute  instructor
  9. Freefall Jump Master
  10. Adavanced small arms
  11. Instructional Techniques

Creating hiring possibilities, whatever your education level

Christian Thibault, itself being able to understand the military to lack of assistance to the military during the job search. Gestion C. Thibault  is here to help you find a job part-time or full-time in an environment that interests you and respect your valour. Christian Thibault knows how to highlight his military experience, acquired as well as the 28 years of service to put forward your skills and give credit to your education courses.